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Manage remote sites online

Energy, anywhere, anytime

Victron fans have energy systems worldwide: from a boat in the port of Saint-Tropez, to an RV in rural Australia and a tiny house in South Africa with an unstable grid. Victron devices allow people to live independent from an energy grid, connecting their renewable energy sources to batteries. Disconnected from a stable grid puts a lot of emphasis on being able to monitor and control systems at all times. Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM) does exactly that.

Integrate various types of devices

We made sure that all Victron devices are easily added through the platform. Whether you are connecting a temperature sensor, an inverter or a battery, the process for users works the same. That way they don’t have to think about their setup: VRM does that for them. The way we present information to the user is consistent throughout these devices, so however big their energy systems become, it is easy to trace back information.

Adjusting to technicians and household users

User groups vary from an installer that knows all the ins and outs of the electrical devices, to an end-user that uses VRM to check up on the efficiency of their energy system. To tailor VRM to both users, we are in constant connection with all user groups. With an efficient navigation flow, experts can find all the technical details they desire, while household users can focus on looking at their system at a glance.

Notify users when needed

Ideally, you only check on your energy system when there is something wrong. To save time, we notify a user in case anything is out of the ordinary. They can set alarms for situations in which they want to receive a push notification. From the notification, they land straight into the place in the app to troubleshoot the problem at hand.

VRM real time installation view
User feedback as a roadmap trigger

Trusting the community

We make sure to check up on the people that work with VRM day in and day out. Part of the features on our roadmap come from suggestions from users in the field. For an app that is so important for people’s daily activities, it is important to have them have a say in what that app looks like.

BETA testing with real users

More than 100 BETA testers get to use all of our features before we roll them out. They are using the BETA environment of VRM while installing energy systems for their customers. In this way, our developers get direct feedback on any tweaking that needs to happen to our new functionalities.

VRM real time user installation dashboard view
Efficiency at scale

Monitor hundreds of installations

Installers can manage their customer’s systems from the ease of one screen in VRM. In that screen, they get an at a glance view of which systems need additional fuel, which systems are running on a too low battery, or anything else that requires attention.

Reach any system

Remote support allows users to check in and control any system from the comfort of their home. Give the person renting your RV a hand on their trip? Check the efficiency of the solar panels on your boat? With VRM, that is as easy as one click.

Ensure the system is fast and responsive

VRM connects thousands of energy systems with even more devices sending realtime data every minute. In collaboration with Ytec and Influx, we put enormous effort into the speed and reliability of the system, to make sure everyone has access to their systems.

Overview of several graphic visuals in VRM
Focus on making a technical application as user-friendly as possible
Focus on making a technical application as user-friendly as possible

Pro-active information at your fingertips

Dive into the core of an alarm

From the push notification informing a user something is off, they can dive into as much fine-grained information they would need in VRM. They can combine different graphs to get a total rundown of what is happening with the system.

VRM real time user installation highlights

Provide virtual assistance

Through VRM, installers can control any settings for their customers without the need to come by. If they would need to carry out in-person maintenance, VRM provides them with all the data to make the maintenance appointment as smooth as possible.

User holding a Victron Energy Phoenix 12|375 Inverter
Laptop with VRM Advanced dashboard view
Victron Energy installer working on an installation
Screens displaying Victron Dynamic ESS data
Victron VRM realtime installation data highlights

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