Powerful digital solutions to drive businesses forward

Digital solutions are at the heart of everything we do

Opening a world of possibilities through technology — El Niño offers software development, data science, hardware design and security services.

Custom web applications

Automating business processes through developing custom web applications. Our software solutions are scalable, flexible and secure.

Webshop development

Choose for online success with the eCommerce platform that best suits your business. From Magento and Saleor to Shopify, always developed especially for your customers.

App development

Delivering the most powerful and user-friendly mobile experiences with native iOS and Android apps.


User-centered design for digital solutions that help businesses enhance the value they provide

Hardware design

Operate smart though better monitoring, reporting and predicting with an IoT solution. Gain real time visibility, streamline workflows, increase productivity, unify data, use video technology and more.

Data science

Don’t just take our word for it. See what the data says. Let’s start using data to achieve your goals through strategic advice and practical implementation.

Digital marketing

Accelerate growth with data-driven digital marketing campaigns for websites, webshops or custom applications.

Step into a world of possibilities through technology


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