Privacy policy


We would like to inform you about what personal information we collect and use on our website. The latest version of our privacy policy can always be found online on our website.

Who manages your data? That’s us!

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What data about you do we collect?

We collect information from our customers that we need to do our administration. This data such as: company name, name, address, email address, telephone number and tax information. We do not register any information from general visitors to our website, unless you have completed one of our forms. We store the information you enter, in order to contact you.

We use cookies on our website to track visitor numbers, behavior on the website and statistics about our website. In this way we’re able to continuously improve our website.

What are your rights?

You may view, modify and delete all personal data that we store. You may also download this data and pass it on to other organizations if necessary.

Do you want to view, delete or modify your data? Or possibly you want to download your data and forward it to another organization? That is possible! Send us an email or fill in the contact form with your request. We will make sure that you receive an answer within 3 weeks!


According to Dutch law, all websites that use cookies must explain what cookies are and how they are used. In our case, cookies are necessary for a properly functioning website, app, webshop and/ or custom application.

Cookies can never be used to intercept private information such as passwords from your computer. Cookies are also only stored on your computer and cannot be accessed by us.


El Niño BV doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary with your data, such as email address and username(s). Even before the AVG law came into place, we already thought of our privacy and that of our customers and partners was very important. We do not sell data to third parties, but we do need this information for invoicing, communication and cooperation.

We may have to share (part of) your data with government agencies or suppliers of ours (such as our accountant) in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations.

Data leaks

If your data becomes public due to a data breach for example, we will always inform you about this matter as soon as possible. In that case, we will of course do our best to find out exactly what kind of data has been leaked and take measures to prevent future leaks. If necessary, we will also report the leak to the Dutch authorities.

We of course apply technical and practical measures to ensure that your personal data is well protected against illegal access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. For more information see your page on measures regarding GPDR by El Niño.

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