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Just Eat Takeaway (JET) is a global company focused on delivering meal solutions to customers all over the world. One of its challenges is recruiting delivery personnel for its operations in various countries. To streamline the recruitment process and attract interested candidates, JET asked us to create a user-friendly website with a recruitment page. The website allows applicants to apply easily through a short form, customized on city level. The recruitment page features country- and city-specific information and enables visitors to switch between languages. The website also includes FAQs managed through the admin environment.

The challenge

JET faced the challenge of efficiently recruiting delivery personnel across multiple countries while ensuring that applicants met the necessary criteria. They needed a system that could handle dynamic questions based on different countries and cities, as well as integrate with their existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) such as SalesForce and Fountain.

With a growing competition for delivery personnel by other food delivery services and online grocery stores, it became very important to make applicants enthusiastic about working for JET. On the other hand, to save recruiters' time, it is important to inform applicants of the criteria to work as a courier, such as specific work permits needed in some countries.

Our solution

JET partnered with our team to design and maintain their driver-recruitment website. Our solution focused on four key aspects: the applicant form, city-specific questions, inactive city applications, and integration with ATS systems.

Monthly applicants120K
Scoober recruitment platform application confirmation
Applicant form

We designed an intuitive online form where interested individuals could apply to become drivers for JET. We try to transform a boring form into an interactive process, in which an applicant already learns more about working at Takeaway, even before they completed their application.

Scoober recruitment platform case overview
City-Specific Questions

To ensure that applicants met the specific requirements of each city, we implemented a dynamic question system. Different cities may have distinct criteria, such as possessing a valid driver's license or specific vehicle types which are available. The admin environment allows JET to manage these city-specific questions, ensuring that only eligible applicants moved forward in the recruitment process. This brought down the time spent per applicant significantly. What is more, because this time was reduced, the overall time to hire dropped as well.

Desktop screen displaying the recruitment app application form
All based on human centered design and great development
All based on human centered design and great development

Inactive city applications

Due to seasonality changes in demand or the availability of driver equipment, you would sometimes want to (temporarily) stop applicants for a specific city. We automated this process, where JET can put a limit on the amount of applicants that can apply to a city. After this number is reached, the city closes for active applications. However, interested individuals could still register for these inactive cities.

We provided a solution by storing these registrations separately under "inactive city registrations" within the admin environment. When a city reopened for applications, Takeaway could send out reminders to a select number of applicants and track how many of them re-applied through the system.

Scoober recruitment platform web app screens
Screen highlighting step in recruitment platform web app
Screen highlighting preferred vehicle options in recruitment platform app
Screen highlighting thanking the user for their application

Integration with ATS Systems

To streamline the recruitment workflow, we integrated the website with JET's ATS systems, including SalesForce, and Fountain. When an application was received, the system automatically screened the information to filter out candidates who didn't meet the criteria.

This integration facilitated seamless data transfer and eliminated the need for manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.

Results and Benefits

By partnering with our team to develop and maintain their recruitment website, Just Eat Takeaway achieved significant improvements in their driver recruitment process. The key results and benefits included:

Streamlined Application Process

The user-friendly online form and WhatsApp integration simplified the application process for interested candidates, resulting in increased applicant conversion rates.

Efficient Candidate Screening

The automated screening of applicant information based on predefined criteria saved time and effort for the recruitment team, ensuring that only eligible candidates proceeded in the process.

Dynamic City-Specific Questions

The system's ability to adapt questions based on different countries and cities ensured that applicants met the specific requirements, enhancing the overall quality of the candidate pool.

Seamless Integration with ATS Systems

The integration with ATS systems such as Homerun, SalesForce, and Fountain enabled smooth data transfer, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Effective Management of Inactive City Registrations

The ability to store and track registrations for inactive cities facilitated targeted communication with interested candidates when cities reopened, improving re-engagement rates and optimising resource allocation.

Woman puts a food delivery bag away in the hub
Close up of stored electric delivery bikes in a food delivery hub
Scoober recruitment platform driver and bicycle hub
Close up of parked electric food delivery bikes in hub
Driver entering hub to store the electric food delivery bike
The result

Through our collaboration, Just Eat Takeaway successfully implemented a recruitment website that streamlined the driver hiring process across multiple countries. The user-friendly interface, dynamic question system, and integration with ATS systems significantly improved recruitment efficiency, ensuring that only qualified candidates progressed through the process. The ability to manage inactive city registrations enhanced candidate re-engagement, ultimately supporting Just Eat Takeaway's mission to recruit and onboard delivery personnel effectively.

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