How can I reach the El Niño office in Enschede?

Since March of 2019 we’re located in the beautiful city centre of Enschede. Don’t worry, we offer free parking to visitors.

As we are located in the centre it’s not always easy to find our Enschede office, especially since there is construction going on to our building, but we’ll help you out. For those familiar with Enschede: we’re on the 4th floor of the former Post Office. We have a temporary entrance at the front of the building.


You can park your car at the H.J. van Heekgarage in the city center. Use this underground parking garage as your address for your navigation (H.J. van Heekgarage, Hendrik Jan van Heekplein 103, Enschede). Once you've parked your car in the garage you can walk towards the Van Heekplein. Once there you'll see the Primark at the end of the square, walk towards the Primark and you'll see the Sting too. In between both these buildings, across the street, you'll see a large building, next to the bus stations. That's the building we're in. You'll see some construction gates at the front of the building and 2 bright yellow signs indicating the entrance to El Niño (and the entrance of the building). At the (temporary) entrance you'll see a bell you can use to call us downstairs. We'll open the door for you. If the door is already open you can enter the building, pass the doors and turn left towards the two elevators. Use the elevators or the stairs on the side of the elevators to go to the fourth floor. When leaving, we'll give you a parking refund so that you can pay the parking garage.


Take the same route as described for a car. With a bike you can come inside the building via the front door. You can park your bike inside the building.


From Enschede Central Station take any bus line that has a stop on Boulevard 1945 in Enschede. Get out of the bus there and walk towards the Sting / Primark. When walking past the big building on your right when walking towards the Sting, you'll see an entrance around the corner on the right, this is our entrance. Use the bell to get inside and use the elevators / stairs to get to the 4th floor.


We have a temporary entrance to the front of the building (on the side of the boulevard 1945 / van heekplein). When you have the Primark on your right, the Sting on your left you'll see our building across the street on the corner. Next to the old main entrance you'll see a small temporary entrance with 2 yellow signs indicating the entrance of El Niño. Walk up the ramp and you will find the door behind the big wall. Is it locked? Ring the bell and we’ll let you in. Once inside, take the elevator or stairs to the 4th floor.


No worries! Just call us and we’ll walk you through it :)