We houden ons dagelijks bezig met nieuwe dingen. Lees hieronder een kleine greep van onderwerpen waar we ons mee bezig houden.

Quality Assurance: Why our Magento developments are top notch.

Michael Angelo Groeneveld Michael Angelo Groeneveld
30 - 09 - 2020

Our customers get nothing but the best quality development from us. But how do we make sure we get it right every time? In this post we describe our quality assurance (QA) process within El Niño regarding the development and maintenance of our Magento 2 web shops.

A few tips I found useful during my first year as a UI/ UX Designer.

John Kim John Kim
21 - 09 - 2020

Since I started my UI/UX career at El Niño in 2019, I’ve read through lots of articles and books to help me to grow in this field. I have summarised the content & materials that I found useful during this period, made into small bite-size digestives, starting with some general tips, UX tips and ending with UI tips. I hope it may come in handy to those who wish to follow the same UI/UX path.

Met Magento het gehele magazijnproces automatiseren

Michael Angelo Groeneveld Michael Angelo Groeneveld
04 - 08 - 2020

Bij een aantal Magento-klanten hebben we een traject doorlopen om te kijken hoe we met technologie hun inpakproces en fysieke voorraadbeheer kunnen vergemakkelijken. Onze oplossing is een Android app die rechtstreeks gekoppeld is aan de API van Magento (1 en 2).

Onboarding a new onboarding

Femke Feenstra Femke Feenstra
04 - 08 - 2020

Onboarding new staff is always an interesting experience, both for the new employee and the person introducing them to the company’s values and their job. So how did we manage to onboard a new onboarding during a pandemic?

To be "digital", or not to be?

Niki Volonasi Niki Volonasi
04 - 08 - 2020

Lately, we are constantly reading how technology has made our lives easier, by allowing us to work, teach and “feel” connected remotely. I’m not denying that technology has helped us a lot and that it offers us many more possibilities than we could ever think of, both socially and professionally. But I must admit that sometimes I feel a bit uncertain about how much perceived value is embedded in our lives through technology.