We houden ons dagelijks bezig met nieuwe dingen. Lees hieronder een kleine greep van onderwerpen waar we ons mee bezig houden.

Containerisation 101

Jakub Orlinski Jakub Orlinski
18 - 10 - 2018

Have you ever had this happen to you? You are making an application or just using a program and you want to consult your friend about it. You try the exact same thing on their laptop and everything breaks. Well, what gives?

Computational thinking in primary education, why and how?

Felicia Elskamp Felicia Elskamp
11 - 09 - 2018

Computational thinking is one of those new 21st century buzzwords that has gained more attention over the past few years. So, what is computational thinking all about, and why is it important to include this skill in the curriculum of primary education?

From Full-Time Psychology Student to Part-Time UX Designer

Niki Volonasi Niki Volonasi
30 - 07 - 2018

When studying Psychology, most of us believe that the technical world is out of reach. Engineering and design seem like completely different paths. However, there is a functional area, called User Experience, in which, knowledge about psychological can be a good starting point!

Minimax Salt-indicator IoT prototype

Rick van Gemert Rick van Gemert
27 - 06 - 2018

For one of our customers we’ve prototyped a network connected monitoring device for their water softener: Minimax. It checks your salt level to make sure your softener never runs out and can continuously provide you with soft water throughout the day, every day.

Building a better
file uploader for the web

Michael Angelo Groeneveld Michael Angelo Groeneveld
23 - 05 - 2018

Introducing Uppload, a JavaScript uploading widget